Need for '#diversity' is eroding American #meritocracy

Last year I attended a seminar where a guest female speaker spoke about her experiences earning her degree while being a Latina in a predominantly white university. She began advocating that universities should hire more staff members of Latino background in order for the Hispanic students to have people to relate to. And I'm sitting there thinking 'I can't believe I'm hearing this.'

This 'need for diversity' isn't just limited to the tech industry, it's everywhere. Many are still under the impression that companies hire based on a candidate's qualifications. But in today's increasingly liberal America that is slowly becoming less and less the case. You can see this push for multiculturalism and minority empowerment in so many facets of society now, it's even saturated throughout the media. Everyone needs to represented regardless in some way that it has become a nationwide neurotic obsession. Just recently, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg donated 5 million dollars in student scholarships to undocumented immigrants. Ridiculous.

Diversity should NOT be a policy.

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