Malaise in #Philippines society caused by lack of understanding of root causes

Why do Filipinos always vote for corrupt politicians? Because corrupt politicians can afford to donate to the catholic church and 90% of our population is catholic.

Believed that Cory is a saint? Ill-informed and uneducated and believe everything the politicians or media says. Again Cory was supported by the catholic Church.

TV programs are crap yet people watch it? TV stations are for profit and their audience are the masses that lacks education and doesn't care about anything but food they can get for the next meal. And then, they'll breed more and more.

Point being, don't crucify the sick but find the cure. Did I say religion is the main culprit? Go figure.

I still believed that there are more good Filipinos than bad and if we want things to change for the better we have to change our government. Democratic government didn't and will never work for us because the masses are not educated enough about how an elected official should serve the people. Catholic Church should back off and let the separation of church and state be enforce. Until then, Philippines will stay forever as it is today.

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