Expats of excellent societies bring real value to their adopted countries

Last time I checked it is East Asia that is adopting Western values, standards, and innovation, not the other way around. For example, take Korea. Before 2006 their automobile industry was terrible. But after Korean car companies Kia and Hyundai hired Peter Schreyer, a German automobile designer, to take control the Korean car industry has been exploding ever since thanks to him. Too bad the Koreans are the ones hogging the credit.

Let me tell you, wherever Germans go they take their high cultural standards with them. In America the US states that dominate best livability have the highest percentages of German heritage. In Africa the Germans colonized what is today Namibia, whose capital city Windhoek has been dubbed the cleanest capital in Africa while ranking top 10 most livable African cities and top 3 least corrupt. German immigrants also settled mainly in South Australia, whose capital city Adelaide was awarded Australia's most livable city by the Property Council of Australia.

Coincidence? No. This is what I consider contributing to the greatness of another country, coming in and increasing the standards of living and infrastructure, helping construct a model society which makes others want to move there and become better people. It's true that Filipinos work hard to become professionals in many fields that help society, which is something to be admired for. I know, because I am one of them. But as a Filipino I'm not the one who created the conditions for that to happen. I am a byproduct of it, and we should all start acknowledging that. Filipino culture and being Filipino is not what made me a hard working man who cares about the welfare of society, because if that was the case then the Philippines as a country wouldn't be in the condition it is in now.

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