#Bangsamoro trouble: Moro Islamic Liberation Front represents narrow and dangerous interests

I am from Mindanao, but I am not a Muslim. That fool, Aquino, has glossed over the fact that the indigenous peoples of Mindanao, the Lumads, outnumber the Muslims and were here before the Muslims came. When the Muslims came to Mindanao, they tried to destroy the Lumads by driving them out of their lands and extracting annual slave tributes from them. To this day, a lot of bad blood exists between the Lumads and Muslims.

Now we have a president who is once again stoking the fires of enmity. He is giving a clean slate to a terrorist group that represents a narrow and dangerous set of interests.

While Christians and Lumads have succeeded in coexisting peacefully, Aquino is now empowering a group that has divided the Muslims by enabling them to further their dangerous agenda.

Make no mistake about it. Mindanao isn't the only thing the MILF wants.

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  1. "Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has asked colleagues to investigate reports that schools set up for “lumad” (indigenous people) in the hinterlands of Davao del Norte, a move that will affect some 3,000 students from tribal communities.

    Santiago said the closing of the schools as well as reported plans to field soldiers as “para-teachers” to the lumad communities would violate the Constitution as she proposed the idea of declaring schools all over the country peace zones."... anong say mo Duterte??


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