Rather than demonize the #Marcos years, #Filipinos should take on board the good and learn from the bad

My father and his family were anti-Marcos but he even thought martial law under Marcos was not that bad because it was relatively quiet, citizens were well behaved, and crime was low. Although you had to fall in line, follow the nightly curfew, and not be openly critical against the government, this would be the last time in Philippine history that the masses were a mostly disciplined population.

The Marcos era (in general) was also the last time Filipinos had some respect on the world stage and were taken seriously by the international community. Am I saying we should return to Marcos style rule? Of course not. But it shows how a strongman can influence an entire country's outlook, if only today's generation would stop demonizing that whole time period and learn to adopt what was gained from those years on top of acknowledging what was bad. Instead the country continues to act like the Marcos era never existed in order to repeat the same tired trends that began with Cory and have gone uninterrupted ever since.

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