#Filipino society is almost IMPOSSIBLE to fix!

Scandinavian person here. I totally agree with this post but you can't apply it to EVERY Pinoy. Although I would say that most filipinos i have met (including relatives) have these traits. You have to ask why though. Maybe lack of education? For example, based on my knowledge of North Korea, you can't really say to the vast majority of the citizens there that western countries aren't the devil. Most probably believe that the US is ready to invade anytime soon. They just don't know better. I think you can apply that to most Filipinos. They just don't know better. And can you blame filipinos for not knowing better?

I am saying "they" not as a racist remark, but only because i am not filipino (don't know how to adress them better perhaps). The politicians definitely know better and they do everything to keep themselves and their colleagues in power. That's why they "pardon" each other all the time even though the crimes are really bad. And protect their buddies' enterprises from foreign competition with laws.

So what DO these politicians do? Well they give Filipinos some Eat Bulaga and wowowee, cheep beer, some cheep snacks and all is well for the majority of the people. Ever heard of "Bread and Circuses"? Do check it out please.

Anyway back to "they don't know better". You can't really blame them when society in general does not teach them to question things. If someone cuts the line at the cinema, nobody reacts. If they won't react to the smaller things, how can they react to the bigger things like bad politicians?

"Anyway, it's the Philippines" is the usual response. "Why is the new road damaged after only 1 year of completion?" "Anyway it's the Philippines". They just accept things as they are. "Why are you lending your uncle more money when he just spent your last loan to him on beer and bbq and never paid back? "Anyway he is my family. It's the Filipino family values". They just don't know better – that's the best answer I think. They never question things and there are no consequences. The politicians want it like that I think. They control the media and the education. If they say filipinos are "world class" then people believe it. And Filipinos love slogans like that because they think it's true and marketing firms are allowed to say it even though it might be lie. So the uneducated will not understand that terms like "world class" are untrue. The world stops at the boarders of the Philippines for him/her, or sometimes his/her barrio. You can't expect them to understand based on what "tools" they have at their disposal.

Unfortunately, for the country to change for the better, the change HAS to come from the person who doesn't know better. Why? Because nobody at the top will let his/her power go. It's "me first" for them. They are 100% not in it for the interest of the people whom they supposedly serve. Which can be said about many most politicians worldwide though, but maybe some are for example 20% in it for themselves. Where do they get this "me first" mentality from just like in traffic, when walking, when falling in line, singing karaoke until 5 am etc? From society and their upbringing I believe. Nobody teaches them to have empathy and show consideration. Because if you do, you will fail. Try waiting for people to get out of the MRT before going in. No? Because you will miss the train if you do :). Try being kind to the Yaya. No? Because there is a risk she will see you as weak and steal stuff from you.

My point is that Filipino society is almost impossible to fix. If you are a "good citizen", you will not survive because most are going to take advantage of you. And if you are born and raised in a society like this, you are more likely to be shaped like a "bad citizen" and be a part of the problem too. So when one of these persons eventually becomes a person in power, like a politician, he/she will NEVER have empathy or consideration for the common people. You have to learn how to walk before you run – baby steps first. So kids need to learn to have empathy but it is impossible since society will "eat" you if you have it!

Please do note that I obviously haven't met ALL Filipinos but of the thousands I have met, I would say most just don't know better. Can I generalize? Perhaps! But it is important, i think, to have an open mind towards EVERY person you meet even though you are a bit more cautious because of past experiences.
There are faults in all societies and in some they are more serious faults.
English is not my first language so please accept my way of expressing myself.

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