Yellowtard lawyer Florin Hilbay likens De Lima to Gandhi and Mandela

As expected, Yellowtards are high on their most recent validation fix from the West following a certain group that calls itself "Liberal International" awarding her its "highest human rights honor". This award, the so-called "Prize for Freedom" is reportedly the same  one awarded to the late former President Cory Aquino in 1987.

Top Yellowtard lawyer Florin Hilbay was quick to gush about the occasion on Facebook going as far as putting De Lima amongst the likes of South African hero Nelson Mandela and Indian independence champion the Mahatma Gandhi.

"IN PRISON, LEILA FIGHTS FOR US", insists Hilbay, who goes on to write...

This is a recurring narrative with different faces: Mandela, Gandhi, Ninoy Aquino, etc. The tide will soon turn, and the country will recover its democratic spirit.

One's gotta wonder though how exactly the Philippines has even lost its "democratic spirit" to begin with seeing that every democratic institution seems to be ticking along in fine form at present.

The idea of the Philippines' descent into "authoritarianism" seems to live only in the addled minds of Yellowtards.


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