What does a rosary sent by @Pontifex to Leila De Lima prove?

In other news, the Pope reportedly sent a rosary to Senator Leila De Lima who is in prison on charges of drug trafficking. The report is being widely-circulated by critics of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as if to send across a message that De Lima is backed by no less than God himself.

De Lima earlier wrote a letter to Pope Francis  asking for "blessings" and "prayer" so that she could "have the strength to continue the fight against the injustice that is happening not only to me, but to thousands of Filipinos who are victims of extrajudicial killing."

"I cannot thank Pope Francis enough for his thoughtfulness. I'm deeply, deeply touched by the Pope's gesture. This gift will constantly remind me that, despite the political persecution I am experiencing right now at the hands of a vengeful President, I should keep the faith and fight tirelessly for the welfare of the Filipino people," De Lima said during a Mass inside her jail cell on Sunday, November 26.

Apparently De Lima attends mass even while in jail. And this too is news.


  1. Ang hinihingi mo sa Santo Papa ay hindi ibibigay dahil ang iyong kayabangan ang gusto mong pagtibayin niya. Kaya ka binigyan ng Rosary upang matutunan mo ang magdasal at magpakumbaba,Alam ng santo Papa na ikaw ay nasasakdal sa kasalanan ng pagpapakalat ng droga na sumisira sa kaisipan ng tao. Kung nagkakasala ka sa Diyos dahil sa kasalanan ibinibintang sa iyo matuto kang humingi ng tawad sa kanya at sa mga tao na naging biktima ng pagkasadlak sa droga na ipinakalat mo


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