Social media 'influencer' @TonyoCruz continues to look to the PAST for a meaningful Opposition platform

According to "social media influencer" Tonyo Cruz, in a Facebook post, a rebellion is brewing and an underground movement is rapidly achieving critical mass. Filipinos, Cruz insist, just need to look to the past for inspiration...

If or when Duterte imposes a reign of terror, we have lots of past and present-day heroes to look up to and to follow. If Duterte would manage to crush the aboveground movements, he would only bolster the recruitment for the underground, which is said to be ready to accept us in any region of the country.

Cruz's vision is for a united Opposition of some kind to step up and provide a compelling alternative to the approaches and methods espoused by the current government of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Unfortunately, Cruz's backward-focused proposal and its underpinnings founded on obsolete ideas was what actually cost his kind the election in 2016. It is this restrospective feature of his advocacy and that of the wider Opposition that will cause it to fail.

The trouble with the Opposition is their monomanic focus on the past rather than on the future. Key to a successful Opposition pitch to Filipinos is a way forward rather than a tiring temper tantrum about the past.


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