Ph Opposition is attacking the idea of Mocha Uson running for senator the WRONG way

Rather than howl and screech about the prospect of Mocha Uson running for the Senate, the talking heads of the Philippine Opposition should, instead, ask the more important and more intelligent questions:

What is her platform and vision for the Philippines?

What is her legislative agenda?

What does she stand for?

Esteemed political commentator David Yap neatly summarised an effective rebuke of the inconsequential noise stirred up by the Opposition around news of Uson's supposed candidacy...

A person running for elected office might be extremely offensive to you - but your disgust does not make his or her candidacy wrong. 
He or she has rights in a democracy just like you do.

The trouble with the louder voices in the chatter originating from these Opposition cliques is that none of the right questions are being asked.


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