Maria Isabel Lopez is famous again, but for the wrong reasons

It takes a special level of stupid to be put on the spotlight for breaking road rules in a country where breaking road rules is more the rule than the exception. But that's just what actress and former beauty queen Maria Isabel Lopez just did.

Lopez's biggest mistake, actually, was boasting about her traffic offence on Facebook

She later attempted to excuse her own behaviour reportedly admitting that she was, by nature, a defiant person...

“Aminado naman ako na pasaway talaga ako. ‘Di naman ako nagmamalinis although alam ko naman na maraming nagalit naging insensitive sila pero as human nature to survive you'll also have to do it,” Lopez said in a televised interview with GMA News’ 24 Oras. 
“‘Di lang naman ako, sobrang dami naming. I become a second class citizen in our own country,” she added, referring to the inconvenience caused by the country’s hosting of the ASEAN Summit. 
Lopez said she is sorry to those who got hurt and affected by her act.

Apologies are nice but diminished when issued after getting caught. 


  1. Foolish Maria Isabel Lopez... Nagyabang ka pa! Buti nga sa'yo... dapat suspension for life ang ibigay sa'yo. You should not be allowed to drive for life.


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