Filipinos have no right to complain about being fenced off #ASEAN2017 VIP lanes

Perhaps Filipino motorists deserved to be fenced off from ASEAN lanes that have been cordoned  off for the duration of the ASEAN Summit to be held in Manila this week.

Filipino drivers, after all, are renowned for being being ill-mannered and inconsiderate and not at all deserving of the privilege of using public roads to begin with. Indeed, according to this Top Gear report, most Filipinos cheated their way through the process of acquiring a driver's licence..

Assuming you actually took the Land Transportation Office's written examination while applying for a driver's license for the first time--as opposed to just paying off the LTO officer in exchange for a passing mark--there's a good chance you encountered a fixer anyway. You know, that one person at an LTO branch who offers to expedite the process for a fee. 
And if you did acquire the fixer's services, you should be familiar with the drill: You get handed the answer key together with the questionnaire. We're not saying that this happens all the time. But it does. And quite often, we must say. 
Which explains the sorry state of driver education in the country. People who can't even recognize basic road markings manage to secure for themselves that precious plastic card otherwise known as driver's license.

In short, Filipinos have no right to complain about being deprived of the use of their own roads. That's because few of them have actually earned the right to use these roads.


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