'Kami nagpapasweldo sa inyo' is such a stupid Yellowtard argument

"Kami nagpapasweldo sa inyo." It's a popular admonition thrown at government officials by Opposition partisans today - implying that as taxpayers, citizens are paying for the salaries of their public servants and are, such, effectively the boss. This harks back to the old campaign line of former President BS Aquino who actually quipped in reference to the Filipino public, "Kayo ang boss ko."

But then Filipino taxpayers also pay for another expensive trinket of their democracy - their national elections. Billions of pesos is spent to ensure the will of millions of Filipinos is captured in a counting system to determine who the majority choose to be their leaders and representatives.

Let's not be too quick to lap up glib statements like "Kami nagpapasweldo sa inyo," used by Yellowtards as the core argument in their "criticism" of the government. It does not make sense outside of the overall context of what it means to be a "democratic" nation.


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