Mocha Uson does not need to be qualified to be a senator to run for senator in the Philippines

Why so shocked about the announced candidacy of Mocha Uson for Philippine senator? This is just democracy at work. Popularity wins in a democracy.

Mocha Uson's critics are better off focusing on convincing Filipino voters why they shouldn't vote for her rather than second-guessing the decision of PDP-Laban to field her as a senatorial candidate. The simple fact is, Uson is winnable. She has a huge social media following that could be used to influence the vote.

Qualifications? Since when did that matter in a Philippine election? Two Aquinos won the presidency not on the basis of qualifications but because of a pedigree platform. So that precedent had been set a long time ago by the very bloc of partisans who, today, are issuing the loudest howls of protest over Uson's candidacy.

If Filipinos are sold on the idea of being a democracy, they should let Mocha Uson run for senator and let the voters decide if she is meant to be a Philippine senator.


  1. Agree!!!!!
    If she runs, I will vote for her than voting for those Yellows....
    She'll be another allies of P-Dutertr in the Senate.

  2. uson over hontiveros


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