Florin Hilbay's aversion to dissent may be due to his stint in the academe

Hilbay and his ilk Leonen and Sereno all suffer from having once been FULL TIME professors at the UP College of Law, where they believe in the teaching of law in the “Grand Manner.”

As law school professors, they are accustomed to lording it over their charges, few would dissent in their classrooms and in their exams. A student who wishes to pass their exams would almost always just regurgitate what was discussed in class, hence these former professors are unaccustomed to seeing dissent.

They further insulate themselves from accountability in their writings under the guise of “academic freedom”, which is why these same professors constantly get away with criticising government when they were not the ones in power. Unfortunately for them, neither of these three appear to have adjusted from life in the academe, which is why their old habits regarding dissent remain.

In the academe, they can easily block “dissent” with the expedient measure of giving a failing grade, which no one will question (academic freedom!), so blocking dissent by blocking followers on social media is second nature.

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