Proposed 'revolutionary government' too 'simplistic' according to Ateneo president @FrJett Villarin

Priests like Ateneo de Manila University president Fr Jose Ramon "Jett" Villarin SJ just can't help but comment on Philippine politics. Villain cautioned Ateneans "against the excessive powers that it may grant a select few," then goes on to elaborate...

"[T]he RevGov [Revolutionary Government] proposition has a key weakness – it has a very simplistic theory of change. It contends that concentrating power in the hands of a few would give them the means to execute the key reforms necessary to move the country forward," he said on Wednesday, November 29.

But if we recall, Yellowtardism is also underpinned by an even more simplistic theory of change -- that, given enough "freedom" and "democracy", Filipinos will prosper.

History has proven that this foundation of Yellowtard ideology is false. The 1986 EDSA People Power "Revolution" supposedly resulted in Filipinos "winning back" their "freedom" and "democracy". But did it result in a better and more prosperous society?

Former president Benigno Simeon 'BS' Aquino III, presumably seeing that broken promise also came up with a simplistic philosophy -- that eliminating corruption will result in the elimination of poverty; i.e., kung walang kurap, walang mahirap.

That one remained to be proven considering Aquino failed, over his six-year term, to stamp out the most fundamental corrupt practice of all -- pork barrel politics.

It's really not that simple, really.


  1. abnoy, who was allowed to be president despite his lack of good mental facilities,
    stole so much from the filipino people. benigno simon abnoy aquini the 3rd added much more to the already corrupt system. he should burn.

  2. It's better if we want to bring back Marcos style discipline, conservatism, nationalism and authoritarianism to silence democracy and freedom.

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