News site @Diplomat_APAC toes the Yellowtard 'troll army' propaganda line

Yellowtards are trumpeting yet another international news media organisation coming to their side to sing off the same page of the "Fake News aArmy" hymn book. The Diplomat article, "Beware Duterte’s Troll Army in the Philippines", reads like a typical Yellowtard screech fit...
What is clear is that the Duterte government has appointed several bloggers and social media personalities in the government’s communications department. It even gave media accreditation to some pro-Duterte bloggers. Unfortunately, some of these bloggers have been accused of peddling fake news and spreading hateful comments against critics of the Duterte government. Some are criticized for behaving like trolls especially those who think that members of the media are too biased against Duterte.
But is this really a bonafide Diplomat article we are reading? To answer that question, one only needs to check out who authored the article. The author is none other than Mong Palatino, an "activist" affiliated with Filipino Leftist elements.

The fact is, the whole Freedom House "keyboard army" angle has already long been overused and abused by mainstream media as pointed out by Get Real Post author Paul Farol...
Given the headlines of the news stories from GMA7 and News5, I had expected the Freedom House report to contain actual evidence of scores of people being employed using government funds to either promote President Duterte or attack his detractors. 
But it didn’t. 
Just like Carlos Conde’s Human Rights Watch, Freedom House based its report on articles found on the internet and didn’t account for bias as well as other limitations contained in the articles they were referencing to.
This is yet another case in point on the sort of lazy journalism and corner-cutting that mainstream news media engage in nowadays for that all-important scoop.


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