The #Philippines' Supreme Court is the only institution untainted by #PorkBarrel

The DAP has been ruled unconstitutional. Let's not be confused. This is the crux of the matter. This scheme cooked up by Malacañang is the crime that needs to be redressed.

Who now will investigate the DAP? Certainly not the COA. This agency is among the constitutional bodies that received fund transfers which the President unilaterally reallocated from the budgets of legitimate projects. It hardly has credibility.

Assuming we are able to uncover the truth about the DAP, and impeachments are warranted, who will file the complaints? Not the House of Representatives. Congressmen were the primary recipients of pork from the DAP.

Who will sit in judgment if ever the impeachment complaint, by some miracle, passes the House? The Senate? At least six administration senators received PhP100 million each for 'priority projects' on top of their regular pork barrel. All told, the chamber received billions in DAP funds.

NO ONE with the constitutionally mandated authority to conduct the investigations into DAP is untainted by it. That means NO ONE can resolve the situation as it stands. It is unseemly for us to have these morally bankrupt individuals sit as prosecutors and judges in an impeachment court when they themselves ought to be indicted on corruption and malversation of public funds.

The Supreme Court on the other hand is an exception. Contrary to Penoy Aquino's lies, the Court DID NOT commit the same 'cross-border fund transfers' Malacañang used to create DAP. Nor did it accept Secretary Abad's PhP100 million from government 'savings.' This at least insulates the Judiciary from claims they were given 'incentives' by the Palace.

If Penoy Aquino should happen to castrate the Judiciary, our country degenerates into the kind of tyranny we often associate with certain African nations. With both the Executive and Legislative branches tainted, and the Judiciary under siege, who would be left to constitute a tribunal to preside over the investigation and/or impeachment? The 'people' who are Penoy's bosses? Unwise. More than likely, that would degenerate into vigilantism.

NO ONE WINS. This crisis of confidence in the state, if allowed to continue, will only result in anarchy.

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