Audacity in criticizing the #Davao city government

It's ironic that someone like you, a woman, had the audacity to write something like this.

Did you thoroughly read Davao City's existing Women's Development Code? Or Did you even know that it exists? How about the anti-discrimination ordinance?

And please, save your self from further embarrassment and only publish articles that are well-researched.

That woman in bikini would never be a Mutya Ng Dabaw contestant. Wearing such an outfit is PROHIBITED in the city that's why Bikini Open pageants are held in the neighboring city, Samal Island.

It's funny that most of the people who criticize Davao's government are the ones who haven't been or lived in Davao. The same way goes for people who find RB's joke okay are the ones who weren't there when it happened. Full context paints the whole picture. Too bad these people, like you, only look as far as what their eyes and understanding can reach.

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