#Filipinos left to fend for themselves while govt sleeps and business screws the #Philippines!

Let me put the Philippine Economic and Political condition in a context of a typical Filipino household.

The father is usually the breadwinner in the family, so let him be called the CAPITALIST.

The mother is the sole administrator of all the father brings in, so let her be called the GOVERNMENT.

They both take care of all the needs of their young son, so let their son represent the PEOPLE.

The maid do all the household chores, so she may represent the WORKING CLASS.

And their two-year old baby girl, let's call her the FUTURE.

Now, here's the scenario:

The young boy woke up in the middle of the night because his little sister is crying with no one attending to her. He then found out that her sister's diaper is wet and full so he went to his parent's room to seek help only to find out that his mother is sleeping soundly while his father is not in the room.

He went to the maid's room instead which is tightly locked. but instead of disturbing the entire household by knocking hard on the door, he decided to peep inside through the keyhole and was surprised to see his father screwing their maid from behind.

Desperate that he could not get the help he needed, he went back to his room, changed his sister's diaper and then went back asleep.

This scenario can be summed up in a political context thus:

While the CAPITALIST (father) fucks the WORKING CLASS (maid) the GOVERNMENT (mother) is sleeping.
The FUTURE (baby girl) is in deep shit, and the PEOPLE (young boy) are left to fend for themselves.

And that, my friends, aptly describes the political and economic conditions in our beloved land!

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