Partisan politics in the #Philippines is devoid of philosophical underpinnings

Varying political philosophies and ideologies (often at odds with one another) emerge precisely because of differences in social circumstances and are shaped by individual cultural backgrounds.

The whole point of our democracy was to be able to have a forum to allow ALL these dissenting opinions to be aired. With the explicit understanding that no one point of view would be imposed over the rest but that a consensus could be achieved that best satisfies all those who wish to participate in this democracy.

Open partisanship is probably the best use of our democracy and its accompanying freedoms (of expression). That way we'd at least know where everyone stands and what it is they stand FOR.

Unfortunately, given the Filipino experience over the last thirty years, we'd be hard pressed to identify any political philosophy that can't be reduced to the accumulation of a personal fortune in the shortest possible time and the transmission of that wealth to one's heirs.

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