Development and quality of media and cultural products go hand-in-hand

I think as a country's economy develops, its cultural/creative industries come along with it. I remember South Korea's TV had incredibly poor quality in the 70s and 80s, and as it entered the developed country club its media and creative industries developed.

Quality dramas or films are still buried under a sea of crappy romantic comedies and, though some good productions have been recognized internationally (Oldboy, Reply 1997 are good examples). Mainstream news media has a lot of variety if you don't want pro-Park Geun Hye garbage.

Though I do think that media can play a role in cultural development (there are numerous media theories supporting and challenging this, like McLuhan's; Google is your friend) as well. I like to think voter's education can change the ways of the poor. The media of this hellhole country sadly dumbs down the masses into voting for officials who pay them a chuck-o'-change.

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