#Hamas's commitment to the destruction of #Israel means they can never be trusted

The Hamas charter quotes Islamic religious texts to provide justification for fighting against and killing the Jews, without distinction of whether they are in Israel or elsewhere. Their stated goal is genocide — the extermination of a segment of the human race premised on the idea that the Arab–Israeli conflict is an inherently irreconcilable struggle between Jews and Muslims, and Judaism and Islam.

With regards to other religions, the group's professed stance is tolerance as long as Hamas' efforts are not blocked. This generally means that anyone practicing a belief system that is not Islam — Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, anyone who is different — may be considered as 'challenging' the Muslim faith and consequently a legitimate target of jihad. And while Hamas' political arm has claimed it has adopted a more secular attitude and a willingness to coexist with Israel, its paramilitary wing has consistently used ceasefires to build up its military capacity. The latest effort involved the construction of underground tunnels into Israel, for the purpose of infiltrating and conducting military strikes in the Jewish homeland.

It is extremely stupid to dismiss an organisation that, for nearly thirty years, has had an unwavering commitment to destroying their perceived enemies. It is highly disingenuous to portray terrorists, who use women and the elderly as human shields, and indoctrinate children into becoming human bombs, as victims. It is a bald faced lie to claim that Hamas has no weapons when the organisation publicizes that it has launched hundreds of rockets and mortar rounds into Israel.

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