#Philippines politics: A culture of mooching freebies from politicians

Filipinos still don't know the main functions and responsibilities of their leaders both in national and local level. This is the reason why they keep putting those undeserving politicians into office just because they are giving alms to the poor or simply by having a smooth eloquent warm conversation with them while smiling as a simple pseudo sign of being a good managers.

Since not all Filipinos are aware of the local government code and the mandates of constitution, it is now time to educate the electorates about the role of their leaders. A policy which authorizes the duty of the public officials to be strictly plastered within their place outside the public offices in a vernacular words would greatly help to enlightening the minds of masses and this must be adhered definitely. This will be the basis to overseeing the duties of their leaders while they are in office. Also, it would serve as the main source of complaints from their constituents if failure arises on the side of officials while performing their duties aside from the promises they harped about before elections.

Perchance, this is a better way of making the voters make wise of their own choosing during elections. Would result in being ashamed of continuously asking freebees from their leaders. The politicians would also end this long tradition that markedly portrays outside of their main functions.

The main point here is being transparent and accountable in the execution of duties and responsibilities vital to the relationship between leaders and followers for the greater good of the nation. A form of spoon-feeding if strictly followed may be a good start for a critical analysis needed to be installed in the minds of uninformed Filipino citizens.

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