Irony of 'Pinoy Pride' in #Filipinos' cheap tastes

"Worst of all, Filipinos do not really understand what legislators do and what their role is in government." - benign0

It's not that Filipinos "do not understand what legislators do", it's really because majority of them don't care to understand. It's too tedious for their lazy and parasitic mindset.

First of all, what is the sense of loyalty to most of the new generation of Filipinos? MONEY!

Evidently it can be observed in most of the peoples' daily way of life and thinking.

During election times, voters' accepting bribes from politicians is common in community conversations.

During rallies/demonstrations, most people marching in the streets are paid by the organizers starting from as low as P50 plus a snack of very cheap sandwich and artificially flavored juice per person.

For majority of Filipinos to be more concerned about the future welfare of their country much more of their posterity is not profitable at all.

Because they have very cheap perceptions concerning their food (almost everything is just artificially flavored and unreal i.e. hamburger, milk, chocolate, mayonnaise, etc.), means of transportation (very uncomfortable and unsafe), clothing and even their dignity, a free snack costing less than a hundred pesos is often enough for them to sell their souls and that of their children's and great-great grandchildren.

The most ironic of all is that they proudly shout to the whole world that this is the essence of their "Pinoy pride" and "Ako'y Pinoy, may agimat sa dugo…", as part of a lyric of one of the OPM.

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