Defense and security must not be compromised by habitually underestimating the Enemy!

As of this writing, another bombing in Cotabato City occurred on Tuesday evening, August 19, 2014, injuring four. Basit Usman, a bombing expert with links to Abu Sayyaf and BIFF, is believed to be responsible. This follows a car bombing, also in Cotabato City, that occurred on August 2 of last year that killed 8 people. Remember that on September 2013, rogue MNLF elements seized parts of Zamboanga City and tried to declare an independent "Bangsamoro Republik", culminating in weeks of fighting
that left dozens dead, hundreds wounded, and displacement of around 100,000 people.

It's easy to talk trash when you're living comfortably far away from these conflict zones and when you have no stake invested in these places. But what about those living there whose lives are constantly threatened by conflict, war and terrorism? Maybe to you they don't matter, but to those living there it does.

Threats to their lives and safety are just as important as anyone's and so when local terrorists swear allegiance to the IS, which even Al-Qaeda considers too extreme, we ought to be concerned.

When it comes to defense and security, the biggest mistake one can make is to underestimate one's enemies. This is exactly the mistake the U.S. government made pre-9/11.

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