#PNoy apologists fail to see destruction being wrought by Aquino admin on the #Philippines' democracy!

"When the President condemns the Court, and the Legislature responds with threats to curtail its independence, and when even intellectuals and lawyers argue that it is warranted, there is reason to believe that we now live in dangerous times not in the hands of revolutionaries, but from people sworn to govern us.
"And when those who are vigilant enough to run to the Constitution and avail of the remedies allowed legally to make the President answer for acts which they consider to be actionable offenses are considered enemies of the people, instead of defenders of the rule of law, there is reason to believe that our polity is at risk of becoming no longer that of law."

(Above is an excerpt)

Read the full article by Antonio P. Contreras, former dean of De La Salle University on GMA News Online:


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