An unnecessary cost: Time to abolish the #Philippines' #Congress as Franklin Drilon recommended

"Might as well abolish congress then….."

-Franklin Drilon

...and the Senate for that matter. Simplest solution.

They are useless now anyway. The Philippines is a small country compared to the US where they need representatives and governors. With the advances in technology, we can make do without a person representing a city, municipality/province. I don't feel that my congressman really represents me or his constituents anyway, who does, by the way?

We do not need anybody anymore crafting idiotic bills and signing them into idiotic laws. Just implement the laws we have now, and implement it well. We do not need a couple of hundred heads just to  craft a useful bill.

The national budget deliberations can be chucked also, let each municipality, city, province budget their own annual income – their income, their budget. If that income is not enough for their annual budget then, they are not doing their job well enough and should be replaced by more competent people. Issues brought up to the national level should be well justified such as matters with large scale infra projects. Clearly, a city/provincial/municipal administrator who is really able to do his job will prosper his jurisdiction.

That is, in my over simplistic, uneducated opinion.

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