Electoral reforms needed in the #Philippines to counteract patronage politics under #PNoy admin!

We really need electoral reforms. We need voter's education. We cannot rely on what PNoy is projecting to the public as the champion of fundamental reforms.

Most of the economic gains that PNoy is boasting about is in fact the results of Ex PGMA's economic policies. PNoy is just doing credit grabbing.

PNoy's fiscal policy is very much anchored on patronage politics. The padrino system still exists in PNoy's administration. Abad and his family, Alcala,Naguiat and Llams to name a few who benefits from this system.

The prices of goods remain unstable. Smuggling hits the highest in history. See that most products being sold in the market and malls come from China.

And PNoy has the guts to annoint a successor? Can the least qualified president make a sound decision of choosing the next president?

Lazy voters produce lazy and incompetent president.

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  1. PNoy doesn‘t really listen to cry of the people.


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