Illegal accounting and incurring debt make up for lack of fiscal planning in the #Philippines!

A lot of our so-called 'leaders,' politicians and public officials believe they are owed something for their 'service;' after all, they see themselves as sacrificing for the 'greater good.' That sort of reasoning allows them to justify to themselves all of the waste, the kickbacks they get from government transactions, and all sorts of backroom dealings. Then there are those who are just plain greedy but either don't have the wherewithal to compete in the real world outside of government, or are just too lazy to work. Those creatures form the backbone of practically every organised criminal conspiracy to defraud the government.

In each instance, these reprobates will bilk the system until the coffers run dry without any regard for the consequences. And when the situation becomes critical, we make up for the shortfall by incurring new debt.

That's the pattern of Philippine politics. Foregoing long term sustainability for short term, shortsighted personal profits. With everyone doing it — even with the disastrous effects so painfully obvious — it isn't surprising that one might think it was a deliberate effort to undermine the Republic. I mean — how could so many supposedly brilliant leaders be so breathtakingly stupid?

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