Let's be fair to former President Ferdinand #Marcos

Describing the Marcos' regime as the "Never Again" or the "Dark Ages" is an exaggeration and seems to be somewhat unfair and selective.

By saying "Never Again" it also includes all the hundreds of schools, hospitals, roads and bridges built during that time. Not to mention that rice was only P9.00 by Masagana '99 and that PH was building a nuclear power plant, trains and missiles.

Of course, we wouldn't want to ignore the victims of 9 years of Martial Law (not 20 years! '72-81) where, a lot of individuals were allegedly abducted, tortured and abused.

However, lot of Filipinos don't realize that the "Cold War" is going on; that Philippines was almost turned into Communism and that the nation is in a state of anarchy.

If Marcos hadn't proclaimed Martial Law he could have gone down to history as a good and coward leader or not remembered at all. There will be way more millions of Filipinos that will die if Communism had won. The only reason that he is now dubbed as the "Dictator" is because are entitled to free speech and we are not China or North Korea.

Marcos must be the "cutest dictator".
Whether he lost grip on power, or the opposite, he responded to the hailed EDSA "People Power" by stepping out of the throne cleanly without firing a single shot. On the other hand, Mao Zedong responded to protests by killing about 50 million people.

When Marcos left, his predictions came true, power crisis, feud on the West Philippine Sea and devaluation of peso.

On top of that, nothing changed since we claimed our bittersweet "democracy", the gap between the poor and the rich widens, people are uneducated and millions remains jobless where Filipinos had to left their country in order to feed their families.


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  1. this story is not bias but it was the truth Filipinos must accept how bitter it is to their thinking.

  2. Oh, please! We should go forward and not look back with rose colored glasses. This kind of thinking inhibits our growth. We should aim higher than the Marcos regime. Yes, he did not kill people because he lost the support of the military and Americans. He was not stupid to do so. He knew the consequences.

    1. you must be kidding right? support? consequences? he knew there is no other way then with his health deteriorating. your reasoning is so biased. your eyes blind you just like the majority of the filipinos. open your eyes and not your mind.

  3. Let's be fair to Hitler then. Oh wait, Let's be fair to Musolini, Stalin, Robert Mugabe, and Yoweri Musevini.

    1. Wooooaaahhh! I think this article is trying to tell us people that "we" should change our way of thinking about the marcos regime, for he was able to make our country a better place and not about being f*ckin fair to dictators you blithering idiot!

    2. But Marcos was a dictator...

  4. The reason we can not go forward is because we did not learn from the past. We are victims of wrong perceptions that our country ok and fine.

  5. Didn't he start the 'all out' corruption?

  6. We should also remember that the resurrection of communist insurgency and Bangsamoro insurgency happened during his watch. One of the classical Greek Philosopher once said that "The mother of all rebellion is poverty and tyranny." So these two are the things that FM failed to address, hence, the said insurgencies. The reason the Martial Law was implemented so that he and his cronies can centralized and monopolized spoils and patronage. As a result, FM became the second most corrupt leader in contemporary history. By the way, the communist problem can be solved by economic prosperity and military actions is never a long term solution. The implementation of genuine land reform (which every President failed of our lovely republic failed to institutionalize) can go a long way.


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