Ret.Gen. Jovito #Palparan will get a fair trial followed by a fair hanging

General Palparan happened to become the subject of scrutiny by the public and singled out by the media as the epitome of government abuse.

Typically, instead of determining the facts of the situation, the Aquino administration chose to distance itself from him and play into the fears of an already distrustful populace that persons in authority intend to abuse their power. It fits the narrative Penoy Aquino has been selling since the beginning of his term — that the police, the military and public officials in general are inherently corrupt and that he will heroically swoop in, turn it all around, bring in a new era of prosperity.

General Palparan has to be prosecuted and convicted to preserve the image of 'Daang Matuwid.' There was no way he was going to get a fair hearing.

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  1. a warrior like him is trained to make hard choices, so to get the job done he has to choose between what is right and what is necessary.


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