Rather than loyalty to timeless principles, #Filipinos behold themselves to celebrities & dole outs #Philippines

Neither BS Aquino nor Jim Paredes are infallible, but they talk as if they are, & that they know better than the SC.

This is the problem with people whose loyalty and attachment are to personalities, a 'clique', or celebrity/social privileges which are fleeting, rather than to right principles which are timeless.

The sober deliberations of the SC is way more more reliable than the gripes of a sentimental has-been, who leverages his celebrity, by coaxing the author of the above article to reveal him/her-self, in order to prey on the gullible into thinking that Paredes' opinions should be given more weight—-instead of forming one's conclusions based on the inherent merits of the arguments themselves, put forward by both sides. The need to focus on the arguments themselves, objectively, and not on the personalities dishing them out is precisely the point of the anonymity. Of course, to sentimentalists like Jim Paredes, everything becomes personal—objectivity, optional.

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