Right ideas and right execution are what will SAVE the #Philippines!

It is hard to pick a side when there is no hard platform, or focus on either side's rhetoric. No proof or driving force that ideas can be a reality.

It's why in all the years I could vote, I did not. And why many others do not. I can't complain about the way things are considering i freely gave up that privilege. We are aware things are getting worse but neither is a choice between sludge or less sludge. We deserve better. It is simple— show us the drive instead of the empty words; the start of a movement that could be a ripple effect, and we will be able to choose, finally.

Otherwise is best to govern ourselves, and then HOPE, that even if we feel change will not come in the remainder of our lives; that the door is open to the possibility of being surprised.

Where this hope comes from is simple. I work in the construction industry; I see ideas come to life everyday brought about by varied Filipino teams— from the masa to the educated to the actual owners. The method of building is the same whether its a bus waiting station or a company or the whole country as something tangible. It starts from an idea, THEN the drive to execute this same idea within a timeframe, no excuses. This type of teamwork, and people, are what I believe are WORTH dying for, and better— WAITING for.

Throwing words and criticism into the air is the same as throwing all your stones into the pond; instead of using those stones to create piles of stepping stones. It's just a waste of available resources.

Until then I will watch and wait. And work towards what I think is right for me and community (which compromises of about 6 people, but hey, its less than one).

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