How do we solve the #Philippines' #squatter problem once and for all?? #ASEAN

I would like to ask a question to anyone from this forum, what would be your solution to the squatter crisis?

We simply can't eradicate them for that would be violative of established norms and legal principles. So the only viable solution is to move these people somewhere, now the question is where do we move these people and how?

Indeed I concede that public funds are scarce and must be wisely utilized, so if we were to make a massive relocation program it would be too burdensome to the taxpayers. If one were to say that, "it is not the government's responsibility," then I would humbly disagree, under the doctrine parens patriae, the government is the guardian of the people, thus, government must do what it can to uplift the conditions of these people, in addition, government has the means, connections, and power to effectuate a viable and sustainable solution to this problem.

One could also argue "well these people should find jobs to uplift their conditions like us hardworking middle class," again I would like to refute that point, the thing is, some of these people are born to be poor to begin with, and unfortunately they were not blessed with the financial means or intellectual capacity to get into college or get a decent job. There also exists a problem in the system, a system that drags these poor people further down, which then in turn makes their challenge of salvaging their lives from the misery of the squatters even more difficult. I also think that the job market is not big enough to accommodate every unemployed citizen.

The unfortunate fact is, between the government and the poor there exists an impasse, the poor can't help themselves out of their personal hell and government is either too corrupt or has no means yet to conceive a viable solution for this problem, so the challenge lies in us the more privileged class, I believe that we must give due consideration to these people and at the same time do what we can to help them uplift their condition.

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  1. before you talk about the hardworking middle class, can you explain to me what the middle class did that makes them so hardworking?
    drinking starbucks?
    surfing FB in the office?

    squatters gathered because the conditions allowed them to congregate there. conditions the rest of the country provided.

  2. This will require multiple industries that the government has to cover and the Congress has to approve such high funding.

    I've been contemplating solutions for squatters and I'm aware that this won't be easy nor cheap but here's how I would approach it:

    Build a relocation community for squatters. Move them out of the congested cities and provide them with "extremely" low cost housing. To build the shelters, ask for volunteers, incentivize them, and provide massive tax breaks for contractors who will take the project. To be efficient with space, build it with multiple levels—apartment style. Elevators would be nice, so that the elderly and disabled won't be limited to first level units. Since squatter families have "a lot" of members, I think the max size will be a single story 100sq meter unit with 3 meter high ceilings a kitchen/dining, 1 bathroom, and 1bedroom. It would be great if murphy furniture are available. There will also be a community laundry. The community is supplied with city electric, gas, water, and sewer. If suppliers aren't available, the gov't must work to build them. All the basics will be supplied.

    Now this program might spoil them and make them dependent... but no; they would have to qualify and sign a contract. For them to avail the program, they MUST agree that they will do community service and while the construction is ongoing, applicants will be under probation. And once they're in the program, they will be held accountable for the whole community.

    The program will be integrated with a government-owned agricultural industry. People who are strong enough will be trained and work there. Public schools will receive funds dedicated to construction of new facilities and updating old ones. High schools must offer vocational and technical courses so college will be optional but won't stunt their future.

  3. Land reform. Turn squatters back into farmers. Alternatively, build really cheap high rise housing for them. Locate the high rises within metro manila so they will not want to move out. Make the high rise so dismal, bare and depressing and utterly devoid of anything but the most basic amenities such that only the poor will move into them and make them "unsellable" to prevent gentrification--i.e. the selling of units granted to them to people who want to take advantage of them. they can have their own personal high rise ghetto hell, just the way they like it. It will be up to them if they want to make the place a much more desirable place to live. Because they live in such close proximity to one another, maybe they will learn to be disciplined and less noisy. We can give it a horrible sounding name like "purok ng mga tae" so people can aspire for a better life. Haha. Surround the place with private security guards so that the tenements will not cause negative externalities to nearby dwellings and establishments.


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