On #PNoy's #SONA on July 28, 2014: Liars need not choose words carefully

An able leader does not need speechwriters. You only need those if you are more concerned with looking good rather than the real aim of the speech. Which also only shows that we have the wrong guy leading this country. I believe that if he means what he wants to say then he should be able to express himself without any hitches, but the problem is he is lying, thus he needs to choose carefully what he will be saying.

Furthermore, the SONA is basically an accomplishment report, and he dare say it in plain tagalog with lots of "po", which to me loses it's essence being a formal report to the people. If one of my guys submitted a report which not done professionally then he doesn't deserve to work with me. The same should also work for public office. He should be sacked from his job, for his incompetence and unprofessionalism.

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