#Filipinos congratulate themselves for 'virtues' other cultures consider to be NORMAL. #Philippines

The only positive things that tend to be repeated about Filipino culture and society are ones that are basically universal, and which aren't as positive as they like to think.

The most common accolade is the idea that Filipinos are 'dedicated to family,' as if every other country on Earth kicks its old folks into the snow once they're no longer useful. Of course, this is only used as a desperate attempt to finally score a point over 'the West' (since people live much the same way in every poor country), where more people can afford to pursue independent lives and to have relationships with their extended family on the basis that suits them, rather than being forced to live together for financial reasons or in the hope of having people to borrow from for the next operation.

Not to mention that loyalty to the bloodline is where a lot of this country's problems stem from. Look for something else to be proud of.

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