#PNoy should grow up and stop complaining about how 'hard' it is to be president of the #Philippines

BS Aquino has a skewed logic that when he is criticized, it is taken as an attack against his person. Well, that goes for most of filipinos, too. And then they switch to a full-on defense and counter attack mode, and the last resort is get emotional.

So ok, some criticisms are a bit on the harsh and nasty side, and some people will say, that criticisms can be said in a "nicer way"...that is true.....in pre-school/nursery. This is the real world, where his smallest decisions could mean loss of livelihood for some or worse loss of human lives.

With his track record and kind of personality, I wouldn't even trust him to drive my rig across a technical obstacle. That says a lot about how he would be running his life or this country, for that matter. Trust is earned and not shoved down someone's throat. 50+ years is a really long time to earn the people's trust, and what he has to show for now are not people who trust him, but people who have blind faith on his capacity to do his job as president.

People who defend BS Aquino by saying "mahirap maging presidente" should be answered by saying, he should have realized that before running for president. Now is not the time to make excuses for shortfalls. A more mature leader would report these shortfalls concretely and would have a clear road map on how to address each. Next report should state clearly how far he has gone in solving these issues. He should stop waving his checkered flag on his so called "achievements", instead should already have plans set up clearly for the rest of his remaining tenure. It is a virtue for a leader to be humble about his achievements, he just did the opposite.

Lastly, instead of strengthening unity within the country, he went full-on divisive by indirectly saying that those who are against his whims are evil. So much for person who is product of a 1986 fad, with a song entitled "Magkaisa" as one of it's soundtracks. Not unless the word "naisahan" comes mind. Maybe that is what it is really, naisahan ang Pilipinas, or is that nadalawahan?

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