#Europe retaliation for #MH17 paralysed by reliance on #Russia's oil and gas!

[Referring to the statement:] "After entire national security, military, and intelligence communities have been re-organised to profile Arabs as the 21st Century's pre-eminent highest-risk bogeys to watch, it turns out that an old mid-20th Century Cold War foe reduced to arming ragtag rebel fighters would perpetrate this appalling crime."

It wasn't the intelligence professionals who dropped the ball. It was delusional politicians in America and Europe who pursued a 'reset' in the relationship with Russia who weakened the capability of the world to contain Putin's aggression, in spite of the prescient advice from their own intelligence analysts. Today, western Europe is paralysed - held hostage - because of their reliance on Russian oil and gas. America, after having unilaterally emasculated its European forces, is reduced to begging Germany and France to doing something about the crisis.


The successes by the 'rebels' in the Ukraine may be directly attributed to Russian military and intelligence 'advisers' and special forces who provide 'assistance' and matériel (like surface-to-air missiles). It was inevitable pro-Russian militants would shoot down a civilian aircraft if their backers in Moscow encouraged the commission of war crimes from the outset in order to frighten the Ukrainian government into capitulating.

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