#Filipinos remain stumped by question of what the #Philippines has achieved as a country! #asean

What has the Philippines achieved as a country? That is the question which needs to be answered before nationalism can be declared by each filipino.

Nope, EDSA 1 was not a collective achievement, same goes for all other regional uprising in the Philippine history.

Nope, the jeepney is also not something to be proud of. On the contrary, it just shows how filipinos cannot move on, they are basically stuck with this decades old design, inconvenient, uncomfortable, unsafe and inefficient.

Nope, not the personalities mentioned here:


… those are singular achievements by individuals and not of the country.

Not this, too:


..this only shows how skewed a typical pinoy's idea of national pride is. Proud of the virgin forests and majestic beaches, come on!!!

If others have something in their minds that we can be truly proud of, please feel free to chime in.

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