#Philippines victim of economic sabotage in the guide of #DAP 'savings'

Back in 2008, GMA had this program to connect the North i.e. Valenzuela, Bulacan and Pampanga areas to the rest of the MRT. After spending billions of pesos trying to get the project off the ground, and budgeting billions more to finish it,something happened, PNoy wins the presidency and voila, all of GMA's projects paid for by taxpayers and loan grants from international banks were subjected to "review" and cancelled unceremoniously, contracts be damned.

Now all Filipino taxpayers are paying the banks, interests included for loan releases on projects that are now rotting in the trash can and what of the money? They are now "savings". And through the creativity of Mr. Abad, we call it DAP. Are they really savings? No, its economic sabotage plain and simple. Good faith? Only if your idea of good faith is bribing legislators to do your every whim.

Right now, armies of yellowtards, with the help of Malacanang invaded one of the country's government banks (we have two), occupying key positions (despite dubious qualifications and multiple violations of civil service law) , and their doing a very good job of running it to the ground inspite of sky high salaries given to them, while the ordinary rank and file gets buried further and further in debt due to benefits denied again and again. Daang matuwid is a lie. And yes, PNoy and his people does not care about the law, ask his people murdering this government bank.

Glimpses of Marcos once again.

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