#Philippines: No tangible actions in a society that does not value intelligence

It’s sad really when you think about it. Why is it that Filipinos can thrive in other countries when they themselves at one time or another while living in the Philippines could not? Many people will say its the government and its politicians. Or maybe its the economy? But, to me, it starts with the people. The ordinary day to day people. Discipline, separation of church and government, and the respect for the law is paramount before the country can lift itself up from the mess it’s currently in. Some people say that the rich, or the political families have their way with the country and i say, the only way they can do that is because almost every one wants a piece of the pie no matter what the long term consequences may be. Its a vicious cycle that needs to stop.

The [article where this comment appears] mentioned politicians who are treated as celebrities by the public, well, newsflash, they are or at least a large majority of them are celebrities who have no business being in office. People whose main intention in getting into politics is to serve their own selfish greed rather than serving its constituents.

I would also stop calling OFW’s heroes. They are not. Most of these people already knew while they were young that their only option in life is to move abroad if they want to improve their lot in life. How does that make them a hero when all they’re doing is making sure their family doesn’t go hungry. That’s not heroic, that’s doing what you have to do. Calling them heroes is quite disrespectful to real heroes.

While were at it, can someone tell the church to mind its own business? I’m Catholic and i’m not afraid to say that the church just needs to butt out of government affairs. The government has no say in what the church does, why is it that it doesn’t work the other way around? The church lives on faith, the government cannot survive on faith. It needs tangible actions and results by those who are elected to represent its people. God will not provide if your lazy ass is planted on the sofa. Nor will there be anything to harvest if no one plants the crops.

Lets also discard the proud to be pinoy catchphrase. Last I checked, there really hasn’t been anything the Pinoy’s can be proud of. The country has no input in the world of science, math and technology. Filipinos grasp at every little thing they can that even resembles Filipino involvement and calling it their own. Someone posted that Filipinos have no value for intelligence and i believe it’s true. What happened to the dreamers who wanted to be doctors, lawyers,teachers, engineers? Those who wanted to make a difference in their OWN country? I know where they are, in healthcare. Not because that is what they are passionate about but because that’s their ticket out of the country. Again, that’s why they’re not heroes.

Anyway,I’m preaching to the choir here. I just hope that one day, hopefully in my lifetime, that the Philippines will elect someone with the real desire and credentials whose main goal when elected into office is to improve the lives of Filipinos.

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