Conrado de Quiros says #PNoy justifying the #DAP echoes Marcos justifying Martial Law!

Former PNoy apologist and columnist Conrado de Quiros weighs in. The DAP is not necessarily good and is still subject to debate: "The proposition that the DAP has been good for the people is just that, a proposition. It is an assertion, a claim, a say-so. Specifically from Abad, specifically in the form of the DAP being a stimulus for growth. There is no proof that today's growth-which truly can be granted-came from the DAP."

Indeed, the debate is hinged on the subjective "good faith" which is a slippery slope into the disturbing premise that "the end justifies the means." On that de Quiros say: "Lest we forget, Marcos himself justified declaring martial law to arrest anarchy and scuttle the oligarchy. Which he did at first, only to spark a more anarchic despotism and to mount an even more oligarchic crony system. Which shows why taking a patently wrong means for a presumably right end is wrong. An extreme example, doubtless, but it partakes of the same principle."

See de Quiros's full article on the Inquirer:


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