Next time you get a parking ticket, ask #PNoy to pay for it. Tell him you parked in good faith. #DAP

Isn't there a saying that "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"? Now in the Philippines it's paved with "good faith". Speaking of 'hell', the late Pres. MLQ is surely getting his wish.

AbNoy would park in a No Parking area not to help truly hapless persons, but to bribe cohorts into destroying enemies including a SC Chief Justice. But, of course, it's all done in "good faith."

Now if you've been issued a ticket for violating a No Parking rule, you just go to the President and let him either pay for it or have the issuer fired. Just tell him that you did everything in "good faith". I guess it's ok to break the law, especially the constitution as long as you can claim to have "good faith". BTW, where's my shotgun?—I assure you it's all in "good faith".

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  1. Patayin po natin so Pnoy at sabihin natin na ginawa natin un in GOOD FAITH dahil naniniwala tayo na uunlad ang bansa pag patay na siya.


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