#Philippines cannot progress unless REASON wins in the national 'debate' #DAP

If someone said the Supreme Court decision may have been wrong, then that same persons can show me where in the decision a judges reasoning is unsound, illogical, circular etc… at which point a motion for reconsideration can be filed. That motion may not make it past a clerk, but the clerk does have to look at it and then is in the public record and everyone can stay reasonable.

If that person fails to show me where in the Supreme Court decision something is wrong then that person is being unreasonable.

I would expect the President to simply announce that his Office lawyers are going to file a motion of reconsideration or any motion for that matter. Because if anyone claims the decision was wrong', then that same person has to show where in the decision something is unreasonable, if they want to stay reasonable.

Because an impeachment or revolution 'ought' not start just because some one simply claims the supreme court decision was wrong. If an impeachment or revolution starts just because some one claims the supreme court decision is 'wrong' then your impeachment or revolution is unreasonable.

Stay reasonable Philippines.

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  1. The paid yellow mob will never be accused of being reasonable. You can't reason with bad DNA.


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