#Filipino men: Too EMO and harbour flawed notions of masculinity! #ASEAN

One of the reasons why I prefer to remain single. As a Filipina woman frustrated with the low-quality of Filipino male species being churned out everyday (which I would love to rebutt to those always defensive,pseudo-macho Flips here), all the folks in my four walks of life always wonder why do I have high standards with men?

WTF-as much as I don't want to explain myself to them why, I want these people to know that as a human being who has dreams, who works hards to achieve what she wants in life and is open-minded to change and new things, I believe the Filipino man is not for me. They're too emo, they have these wrong perceptions about masculinity, they hate being pointed out of their mistakes, they treat you like an extenstion of their moms and *insert Ilda's article here*.

Most of all, and this is what I hate the most, they're possesive in love. VERY POSSESIVE (thanks telenovela basuras for this). They don't treat you as an equal partners in love, but something they won over like a trophy, some kind of manly badge of honor. What I want is a man who sees me as a human being, his equal, someone who he can share his love and hate in this world, someone who he can share his passion for learning new things, celbrates life and loves to challenge himself in improving himself. in short someone who is the antithesis to the da Pinoy.

Now tell me if that's high standard. To da Pinoy, I wouldn't be surprised, that's why if your a da Pinoy who complains my standards are high, go get a mediocre woman whose mediocre standards your mediocre mentality can reach. And don't bother me. :/

P.S.Makes me wonder, I think that 'I love my country' article was made in response to that 'I hate my country' they published last two weeks ago. The previous article has much more substance and technically not a hate article, in fact it was written just like Ilda's article here. But Flipnoys and their terrible reading comprehension skills failed to get the message of that previous article, which by the way perfectly described a Filipino's everyday frustration with his/her country. I'm not surprised while reading the comments section it is again flooded with that annoying Pinoy Pride chicken pride. -_-

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  1. and what made YOU special?

    1. uhh because youre butthurt, and she knows what she want and deserves. That makes HER special.

  2. your supposedly up-to-standard men has this flaw, did you expect someone to be exactly as you asked for? because if that is the case he lacks higher purpose in living, do you want him in immediate distance or you can sacrifice distance? You seem intelligent enough to comprehend, there is more necessity in life than just perfect companionship, Don't you think the world has higher need for life than for a life to exist just to become a perfect mate for you. After finding that someone do you swear to never ask foe anything in addition to your "standards", I am a single pinay as well, I choose the status because I don't want a man that adheres to my standards I want a man in his best, I want a man pursuing self-fulfillment because in such a pursuit he becomes a catalyst change other than having a women by his side.

  3. You don't need a man, you need a business partner. It's not only Philippines that has these you so called man with wrong perceptions of masculinity, It's everywhere in the world.

    As i see it, your opinion is from a typical perception of an insecure and immature girl, trying to look for her perfect guy but always frustrated.I'm pretty sure your dad was not a very good example for a Filipino Guy.

    Some Filipino Men still know the word "respect" and "gentleman" to have a very good relationship with their wife or partner, so don't generalize them. Everyone is "EMO" once they learned the meaning of "care" and "love". I just Hope that some "Typical Filipina whining over the net would know the meaning of "selfless" and "respect".

    If that's what you want in a guy, i Wish you all the best in finding your perfect guy, and once you do, lock him in a cage, cause i'm definitely sure he will leave you anytime.

    i recommend you stay single, cause you're just a bitch in every man's eye.

  4. im a guy, and an emo guy, when im in love, i feel too emo... when im angry i feel too emo too... but as time goes by, I learned much about my emotions and thats makes me having a high emotional intellegence...i guess, this kind of intellegence what almost the girl wants, added with some of financial intellegence... heheh


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