PNoy on #DAP: 'Hindi tayo lumabag sa batas'. Oh yeah? You're FIRED!

The President insists that the DAP is not unconstitutional despite the Supreme Court decision saying otherwise. Oh come on Pnoy! Don't tell the justices of the Supreme Courts erred? They won't become justices of the SC if they had not have the credentials to fit in the positions they are occupying now. They'd studied law and most of them excelled as cum laude from top law schools here and abroad. They are the final arbiter when it comes to the interpretation of the law.

With the thirteen-zero vote as to the unconstitutionality of DAP is a slap on
your face. And yet you insist on its legality?!

Threatening the justices would just put you in deep sh-t. There is more to come once the investigation startd. Tons and lots of scandalous fraudulent transaction under the illegal DAP committed in cahoots with your administration will be put to light. This scene is so appalling and revolting where the people would see that the very person they'd elected in the office of the president is the very person that had betrayed them!

You have abused your authority and your impeachment is inevitable. Save your face! You must consider resignation because in the eyes of your boss you'd betrayed their trust.

You're FIRED!!!

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