Will the Yellowtards get in bed with House Speaker Gloria Arroyo just to beat President Duterte and prevent a Marcos presidency?

One of the options being proposed from various quarters is for the Yellowtards led by "vice president" Leni Robredo to form an alliance with House Speaker Gloria Arroyo to "topple" the administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. This is a possible strategy to exploit what seems to be an emerging opportunity in light of recent statements made by Duterte that he is wanting to step down from office.

The more important thing proponents of this marriage of convenience see is that it could block Bongbong Marcos's path to the presidency. Marcos's mounting pressure on Robredo's hold on the office of the VP is making Robredo's claim to the presidency should Duterte step down quite precarious. Furthermore, she has so far failed to show any ability to consolidate power and even step up to exhibiting convincing leadership over a fragmented and rudderless Opposition.

The trouble with this proposal is that it is a shortsighted tactic that promises nothing over the long term. Politicians who seize or ascend to power in such a way are inherently dishonest as they are essentially putting one over the Filipino public.

Filipinos should wisen up and learn to see through stunts like these. Only idiots and dishonest people advocate such bald forms of crooked politics.


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