Rappler CEO Maria Ressa defers to "good research" of @PinoyAkoBlog's Jover Laurio! 😮

Rappler CEO Maria Ressa needs to be a bit more thoughtful with regard to who she cites as a source of "good" research. In dipping her fingers into the discussion surrounding the consistently fraudulent election management the Philippines' Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has provided to Filipino voters for decades, Ressa deferred the sophomoric work of Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio.

Writing for the premiere (and presumptuously-named) Yellowtard blog Pinoy Ako Blog, Laurio issues a "reply" to former House Representative Glenn Chong where she attempts to debunk Chong's assertions of COMELEC fraud by, get this, quoting the statements of the COMELEC itself on the matter!

That's tantamount to a judge or jury using the testimony of a defendant as the sole basis for issuing a verdict favourable to said defendant!

In his response to Laurio's lame attempt at "research" posted on Facebook, Chong had this to say...

8 taon na akong nagsusubay at masusing nag-aaral sa isyu ng dayaan. Ikaw kahapon lang. Huwag naman maging sobrang ambisyosa ang bagong silang na matsing.

Chong brings to bear a broader, more extensive range of information upon the issue of electoral fraud in the Philippines than any one COMELEC administrator puts on the table. That Laurio who, since her Yellowtard-engineered rise to "fame", has yet to issue any form of insight befitting serious consideration by seasoned political analysts would presume to front up to the likes of Chong exhibits the sort of delusional thinking she contributes to the already infantile discourse of the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition.

It is interesting that, while former COMELEC chairman Andy Bautista who presided over the management of the 2016 elections remains in hiding overseas, the Yellowtards would dispatch an intellectual microbe like Jover Laurio to speak on behalf of an agency such as the COMELEC that is at the centre of this controversy.

Even more interesting is how chief Rapplerette Maria Ressa is so quick to lap it all up.


  1. It's a case of you scratch my back w/ KURIKONG and I'll scratch your back w/ scabies.


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