Martial Law Crybabies should stop judging @MsLeaSalonga

So what if top Filipino singer Lea Salonga rose to the pinnacle of achievement in the performing arts under the "regime" of former President Ferdinand Marcos? The Philippines, after all, experienced its Golden Age of locally-produced music under over that era.

All that is beside the point, however. The Yellowtards who comprise the majority of the members of the shrill Martial Law Crybaby community can't really tell the difference between what is objectively "bad" and what they merely don't like. Indeed, mixed into their brew of confused morality and ethical frames is the Medieval idea of "evil" which, they think, if attributed to something they unilaterally don't like automatically gives them the moral ascendancy to condemn.

Yellowtards are an intellectual disease in Philippine society. They hijack entire issues and apply their twisted sense of morality to the discourse surrounding it to the point where the entire discussion is muddled in a toxic brew of infantile emotionalism.

The fact is, following the coup d'├ętat in which Yellowtard heroine Cory Aquino seized power, saw the beginning of the Dark Ages of Filipino performing arts. The next 30 years over which Yellowtardism blanketed the cultural landscape of the Philippines would see no more than brain-dead cinema and dumbed down teleseryes that turned Filipinos into a people vulnerable to the Kool Aid served to them by the Aquino-Cojuangco clan packaged into what is now known as the Yellowtard Narrative. The rest is history.


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